Travly shuts down

Another one bites the dust. Venture-funded rickshaw-hailing service Travly has shut down. Its cofounders have taken full time jobs,...

Sep 27 ·>

Official Statement for our users, Shahmir Khan, CEO Travly

Dear friends, sympathizers, foes, and haters, Thank you once again for trending us all over the internet. We have...

Aug 13 ·>

Exclusive: Travly cofounder, Talaal Burny, joins Careem

In a remarkably surprising turn of events, Travly co-founder Talaal Burny has left his startup to join Careem. The...

Aug 12 ·>

Pakistani startup Travly raises USD 200,000 seed fund from CresVentures and Faisal Sherjan

The news of Travly raising funding has been circulating since January. However, the team had kept it under wraps...

Jul 22 ·>

Transport services competition heats up, Albayrak launches 100 vehicles fleet for taxi hailing

Turkish conglomerate, Albayrak is starting its taxi hailing service in Lahore on 16th February with over 100 vehicles included...

Feb 13 ·>

Travly Service Launched in Lahore: “Uber-like” app for Rickshaws

A new startup Travly incubated in Plan9 (and PlanX) Lahore, has launched the localized version of Uber for “Rickshaws”. The...

Oct 19 ·>