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Online Grocery Store Naheed Just Got Hacked: Customer Details and Addresses Stolen

Avatar Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  58 sec read >
Soon after stealing information from the Naheed online grocery store, the hackers uploaded all the customer’s personal data on the dark web

Popular online grocery store was hacked earlier today, with hackers uploading the website’s personal information on the dark web. This adds the leaked information from Naheed’s online store to LeakBase’s database.

As per the hacker of this online site, the leaked data composed of 23,000 user records as well as 108 order details. This data consisted of customer’s user ids, emails, names, added address, transaction details, phone numbers and much more.

On several questions asked by the company, Naheed revealed that a developers laptop became compromised by several attempts of phishing, and it became the reason behind hackers attaining “non-critical test data ” on one of the staging servers.

Currently, Naheed is in contact with various law enforcement to take a legal action against such measures. Naheed even claimed that no data was compromised through live servers.

This big incident reminds everyone of how essential data protection and cyber security has become now. Especially in today’s world where most people function on online world may it be because of shopping or work, the companies must provide customer security as a top priority along with highly strong websites with less risk of breaching hackers

Prevention of such daily base hacking incidents is really important as to attain customer trust. Even customers should work towards at least generating strong passwords, keeping a daily check on their accounts with reporting on time of any unfamiliar activity or login.


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