Pakistan should appoint engineers as secretaries of technical institutes, Minister

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Pakistan is heading towards a technology-oriented government with plans of eVisas and e-governance in motion. Recently, Rana Tanveer, Federal Minister for Science and Technology suggested that the country should appoint engineers as the secretaries of technical ministries and heads of technical institutions that work under such ministries.

It was stated on Wednesday while addressing the closing session of 1st Deans International Conference of Engineering Institutions, organized by PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) in alliance with HEC (Higher Education Commission) and FEIIC (Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries). The conference was themed as “Engineering Education Standardization, Challenges and Solutions: Post Washington Accord Scenario”.

The minister added that the structure of the service is a fair demand from the engineering community. The proposed service structure will not only be beneficial for the engineers but it could also assist in refining Pakistan’s economy.

Engr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodhi presented the policy round-table recommendations that comprised of the service structure for the engineers, training academy, support of entrepreneurship in engineering, certified engineering programme evaluators training and curriculum benchmarking at the international level.

Furthermore, Rana Tanveer praised the PEC Chairman Engineer Jawed Saleem Qureshi for his efforts for making Pakistan Engineering Council what it is today.

Not only that, PEC Chairman also gave respect to Rana Tanveer for his continuous efforts in getting the approval of 20,000 engineering internships from the government. He further admired the recommendations of the national and international engineering experts from academia and industry. Engr. Jawed Saleem announced to constitute a committee for implementation of the recommendations of Deans Conference, as well.

Finally, he appealed to the minister to raise the issue of service structure of engineers at the cabinet level while the file is already pending there.

At the moment, there are just recommendations and suggestions. However, we would let you know if it gets official.

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