Govt to provide technology and training to 50,000 artisans

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The Pakistani government is on its way to digitalize the country. Previously, we reported that the government is planning an e-governance council as well as issuing eVisas to the investors and now, it seems that the officials have decided to provide technology and training to the country’s artisans.

At the start of this month, while chairing the 57th meeting of the Board of Directors of USF company, it was stated by the Minister of State of IT&T (Information Technology and Telecommunication), Anusha Rehman that Pakistani government is committed to providing technology and training to 50,000 artisans and bringing them online on ‘Made in Pakistan’ portal through the Universal Service Fund company.

She added that the government wants to take Pakistan a step further into the digital world.

According to her, the board is also considering the provision of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to the micro, small and medium enterprises in the country. Furthermore, the board regards these micro, small and medium enterprises as the backbone of the economy because they comprise 80% of Pakistan’s enterprises.

It was mentioned that Pakistan has a population of nearly 200 million and holds a workforce of around 65 million with the enterprises. So, the real potential could be reaped by providing the access to the digital platform and bringing MSMEs (Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) online. It will definitely create an opportunity for Pakistan to propel to the higher-income country.

A sub-committee was also formed which was headed by Amir Ibrahim, CEO Jazz (Member board of directors) with Mudassar Hussain (Member telecom) and Yusuf Hussain (CEO Ignite Co), to supervise the finalization of the e-commerce project being executed by the USF company.

On the whole, this is a great initiative by the government as it would make the artisan community to reach their full potential and make a significant impact on the country’s economy and status.

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Written by Talha Saqib
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