Pakistan becomes head of the World Trade Organization’s Trade & Development committee

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Pakistan has been elected to lead the Committee on Trade & Development (CTD) of the World Trade Organisation for 2021. The announcement was made by the adviser on Commerce Razaq Dawood in a tweet today

Razaq Dawood also said that under Pakistan’s capable leadership, the committee would do its best to expand trade and investment by creating new opportunities in developing countries.

Established in 1965, the committee on trade and development (CTD) coordinates the WTO’s development efforts and resolves a wide range of trade-related issues that developing countries are facing. The CTD does so through Technical assistance programs and special and differential treatment provisions. As a major part of the WTO, it is responsible for much of the organization’s initiatives to boost developing countries’ progress.

Afghanistan’s Mohammad Qurban currently chairs the CTD, but Pakistan’s election to the chair will pave the way for Pakistan to play a greater role in developing the region. The news comes in the wake of rising exports and a greater contribution of Pakistan’s youth in IT exports thanks to development initiatives.

Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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