Pakistan earned $160M+ from IT exports in July 2020

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Pakistan earned $161.980 million by providing different information technology services to various countries during the first month of the ongoing financial year (FY) 2020-21.

This shows a growth of 40.90 percent when compared to $114.960 million earned through the provision of services year-on-year, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported on Sunday.

During the month under review, computer services grew by 35.11pc, surging from $90.070 million last year to $121.690 million during July 2020.

Among the computer services, the exports of software consultancy services witnessed an increase of 13.48pc, from $34.036 million to $38.623 million while the export of hardware consultancy services however witnessed a decrease of 82.70pc, from $0.237 million to $0.041 million.

The export of repair and maintenance services also declined by 84.19pc from $0.329 million to $0.052 million whereas the export and imports of computer software services witnessed an increase of 8.80pc, from $30.618 million to $33.311 million.

In addition, exports of other computer services rose by 99.85pc from $24.850 million to $49.663 million.

Meanwhile, the export of information services during the month under review increased by 161.54pc by going up from $0.130 million to $0.340 million.

Among information services, exports of information related services also increased by 194.64pc, from $0.056 million to $0.165 million whereas the exports of other information services also rose by 136.49pc, from $0.074 million to $0.175 million.

The export of telecommunication services increased by 61.35pc as these went up from $24.760 million to $30.950 million, data revealed.

Among the telecommunication services, the export of call centres services increased by 25.80pc during the month as its exports increased from $8.499 million to $10.692 million whereas the export of other telecommunication services also increased by 79.93pc, from $16.261 million to $29.258 million year-on-year, according to the PBS data.

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