Pakistan secures 33rd spot on the cheapest mobile data list

Written by Rohaan Manzoor ·  40 sec read >

A new study has placed Pakistan at the 33rd spot in the global index for cheapest mobile data rates. The study conducted by analyzed 6,313 mobile data plans in 230 countries from 23 October to 28 November.

The criteria for the comparison was the average cost per 1GB. Among the 230 countries, Pakistan secured the 33rd position with an average cost per 1GB at $1.85 or Rs. 261.35. The most affordable 1GB used costs $0.29 or Rs. 40.97 while the most expensive costs $7.15 or Rs. 1010.22. In total Pakistan has 58 data plans.

India was crowned as the country with the cheapest mobile data rates. The average cost of 1 GB mobile data was $0.26 which is around seven times cheaper than Pakistan. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe was the most expensive country and ranked last in the list with an average cost of 1GB mobile data at $75.20, which is around 40 times more expensive than Pakistan’s.

It was particularly interesting to see that US and UK were way down in list at 182 and 136. Given how prevalent mobile data is in the countries and how they are adopting modern technology, one would expect better prices. The US has per GB cost $12.37 and UK has $6.66.