Pakistan is the 4th worst country for Women, Report

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Worst living circumstances for women in Pakistan is not a hidden fact. Now a new study from Georgetown Institute’s Women, Peace, and Security (GIWPS) index has ranked Pakistan the fourth worst country in the world for women.

The index by GIWPS includes 153 countries of which Pakistan has been ranked at 150th position on the bases of security and honor for women in a society. The study reveals that Pakistan ranks at 4th position in terms of lowest financial inclusion and highest discrimination against women.

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The other three countries with lowest rankings include Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen in terms of women’s inclusion, security, and Justice. While countries like Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Slovenia are on the top with the same perspective.

According to the index, only 24 percent of Pakistani women are employed, which depicts the behavior of men for women working in organizations. While 73 percent of Pakistani men do not accept the ideology that women should work outside of the home. Pakistani women are only schooled for five years on average, which elaborates the poor educational system of the country.

The index has also revealed an inequality between the male-female birth ratio showing that Pakistani parents continue to have a ‘son bias’. Around 1.09 males are born for every female born in Pakistan, which is higher than the 1.05 natural demographic rate.

The index also indicates that around 500,000 girls disappeared in Pakistan between 2010-15. As the number of people with son-bias mentality was quite low during this period, around half a million women children should have been born.

The government must fulfill its duties by ensuring implementation of laws and by ending gender-based discrimination. Meanwhile, our neighboring country India is ranked at the 131st position, and even their Global Entrepreneurship Summit is focused on women empowerment. To learn more about the statistics mentioned in GIWPS index about women condition in Pakistan visit this link.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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