Pakistani low-cost Panda bot sets a new Guinness World Record

Written by Faisal Saeed ·  54 sec read >

A low-cost Panda bot created by Stemers, a fully integrated STEM/STEAM education platform, has set a Guinness World Record, by breaking the world record of the Longest Line Follower Robot Track with its robot. This is Pakistan’s first ever Guinness World Record related to robotics.

The Panda bot followed a robot track of 1.22km (0.76 miles) and achieved a world record, which was previously of 1km made by another bot. The Panda bot is an educational robotic kit to promote Science and Technology understanding in our young generations.

Stemers is a fully integrated STEM/STEAM education initiative, which provides training on a list of STEM/STEAM curriculum as selected and approved by the partnering institution for a greater experiential and experimental learning skill for their students.

It was created with an aim to promote STEM education in Pakistan, by Focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in the country.

Scientific and technological innovations have become increasingly important in this era and to succeed in this highly information based technological society, it is necessary for students to develop their tech capabilities at an early age. Keeping in view the importance of technology in this era the government of Pakistan is continuously making efforts to bring investments to support the technology sector in the country. Pakistan recently signed a $500 agreement with South Korea for executing various technology and other projects in the country.

Moreover, Pakistan in partnership with the United Kingdom has launched an initiative to establish a tech corridor to promote economic growth between the countries.