Pakistani startup selected for participation in Google’s Demo Day Asia.

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December 18, 2019
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Google is soon going to organize its next demo day in Bangkok Asia. Google gathers compatible and investable startup companies all around the world each year, the main aim behind this event is to discuss the ways of attracting potential investors and to educate the new companies about innovative solutions.

Google’s Demo Day Asia is going to be held on the 19th of June next year. This time, an emerging and very promising startup has been selected by Google from Pakistan known as Tellotalk to pitch and showcase at the event.

Google has selected a total of 11 start-ups for representation in the Google Demo day-Asia. The startups are selected after tracking down their potential for growth, task management and efficiency, and team strength.

Tellotalk is the very first Pakistani app for messaging which offers a great number of other features that can help both large and small scale businesses in growing and engaging clients via a multitude of services. TelloTalk has recently raised an investment round as well.

Demo Day is expected to last for three days in which the startups will learn all about networking, mentorship, and programming for growing their businesses. This event will help startups in connecting with some potential investors.

The countdown to the next Demo day is ticking and it will support and bring out the second great startups of the region. As the event approaches the end, the jury will select finalists based upon their business proposals and hitch them with potential investors. The judges of the events are going to be Justin Nguyen from Monk’s Hill Venture, Shannon Kalayanamitr from GOBI, and Jeffery Paine from Golden Gate Ventures.

Besides Tellotalk, 10 other chosen startups are as following:

  • Matelabs from India
  • Soundbrenners from Hong Kong
  • Lily Medtech from Japan
  • Glazziq from Thailand
  • Wahyoo from Indonesia
  • Anywhr from Singapore
  • Modoo from China
  • Talkiplay from Australia
  • Kyna from Vietnam
  • Yolk from Korea

All these startups are coming forward with revolutionary concepts and visions like detection of breast cancer at early stages via an imaging device, aiding in solar energy accessibility, and enhancing educational opportunities for young kids, etc. Let’s see how this event helps these entrepreneurs in growth.

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