Pakistan’s First Electric Motor Bike Is Officially Launched

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The first electric bike or E-bike has been officially launched and test drove for the first time in Pakistan. The electric motorcycle does not require petrol or any other fuel to run since it has an electric engine powered by rechargeable batteries.

TAZ Trading, the importer of electric bikes in Pakistan, launched the E-bike in a public ceremony held on Saturday at Sea View Karachi followed by Test Drives to the event participants. Athar Ahmed Khan, the owner of TAZ Trading, hopes to replace the traditional 70cc motorcycles with eco-friendly electric motor bikes to reduce the air and noise pollution problem in Pakistan.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), pollution causes 170,000 deaths in Pakistan and losses of $360 million yearly. In Pakistan, 48% of individuals use two wheelers as mode of transportation which add significantly in pollution.

According to an analysis of Energy Conservation Department of K-Electric, the E-bike can speed up to 60 Kmph and close to 70 Km per unit of electricity; this costs 1 rupee for every 9 Km traveled. The E-bike can reduce cost up to 90% i.e. 300 rupees per month since it can cover 100 Km distance on a single charge. On the other hand, the average expense of running a traditional motorcycle is about Rs. 3000 monthly.

First Electric Motor Bike In Pakistan

The E-bike is powered by an 800 watts brushless motor and a 60 volts 20 amperes battery with an estimated life of up to 50,000 km. The replacement costs can reach up to Rs. 12,000. The range price of this electric motorbike is between Rs. 89,000 and Rs. 96,000. TAZ Trading has already sold 25 of these electric bikes in Faisalabad. The best part is that these bikes do not require registration with the excise and taxation department.

Mr Athar Ahmed Khan is optimistic about the future of E-bikes in Pakistan. He hopes to replace the internal combustion engines bikes in the next five years.

This is an appreciable step towards the development of auto industry and may even lead towards the set up an assembly plant in Pakistan. Electric Bikes may open up opportunities for young women in Pakistan to use it as a daily mode of transportation similar to women in India and China.

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