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Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  2 min read >, created by Asad Shehzad, launched by ChatBABU. A free chatbot works like a chatGPT, are trained on the latest dataset and includes actions similar to chatGPT.

It uses a question-answer model like Bing chat by referencing the originated source.
In addition, it works like magic and provides 30+ AI tools to facilitate non-native freelancers. However, it is created in a way that helps freelance writers and content creators to boost their productivity.

For instance, its Upwork proposal generator helps generate proposals, whereas the Podcast script generator helps generate ideas for podcasts.

On the other hand, its AI Bypass tool is a game-changer. It helps users bypass AI content detectors to ensure the generated content is published without issues. It helps to make the work plagiarism free.

However, the most fantastic feature of this tool is its audio and speech-to-text paraphrasing. It enables users to upload audio and paraphrase text or speak in the editor and then paraphrase it for better understanding.

Though the creative paraphrasing tool offers eight modes that provide state-of-the-art paraphrasing results, the most remarkable “free rewriter” can rephrase approximately 20,000 characters in just a single click.

However, it provides many advanced features such as rewriting tools, student savior tools, blog wizardry, copywriting tools, freelancing tools, and translation tools.

Primary Writing Tools

It enables users to paraphrase the text in just a few clicks, including paraphrasing, rewriting, or removing plagiarism from your text.

Moreover, its plagiarism checker feature checks plagiarised content and provide a percentage. At the same time, free text summarizer helps summarise lengthy content into shorter ones.

Students’ Savior

Essay generator, story generator, BABU writing assistant, and free thesis assistant helps in generating complete college essays. It creates random, creative, and fictional short and long stories.

In addition, it also allows one to write a thesis statement with an AI-powered tool. It is efficient that check spelling errors and punctuation in your text. Later it also proofreads your assignment for final submission.

Blog Wizardry is an innovative creation of a Pakistani that enables all features on one platform. It helps in generating ideas for your blogs with AI suggestions.

However, it creates high-quality SEO-friendly content for your website. Its free keyword cluster generator provides a long tail, and the LSI keyword creates a keyword cluster for your text.

On the other hand, the Blurb generator and free cover letter generator create professional-grade blurbs for the final product.


Free Upwork proposal generators help in generating winning Upwork proposals to get hired.

Email Copy Generator: helps write catchy emails for sale and marketing purposes.

Free Business Idea Generator: generates attractive ideas to get the proposals in one catch

Free Drawing Idea Generator: allows generating ideas for upcoming art projects.


Speech-to-Text Translator: enables speaking in the native language and later translates it into English.

Free Translator: generates free text-to-text in 50+ languages with accuracy


In addition, It helps in creating attractive Google ads, plus it helps in landing page designs and content.

Hence, Its Email Copy Generator writes engaging and catchy emails for marketing and sales.

These 30+ AI tools presented by are a game-changer for every individual as it smells life more accessible for every professional and non-native freelancer. Its free-of-cost features make it more attractive and exciting for users.

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