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PerkUp, a customer loyalty and engagement platform, raises PKR 1.5 Crore in Seed Funding

Written by Fatima Rizwan ·  1 min read >

Karachi-based startup, PerkUp, providing customer loyalty and engagement services to other business and consumers directly has raised PKR 1.5 Crore in seed funding round led by DotZero Ventures and followed by Crescent Ventures. This is the 4th public investment to happen in a startup in the year 2016.

For the consumers, PerkUp helps you get loyalty rewards from different businesses in the country and you can also get loyalty cards directly from the startup that works at different brand outlets. Going strong at Sindh, PerkUp has managed to get the likes of Nadia Hussain, Hobnob, Allenora by Annie’s, Donutz Gonutz, and Suzuki IG Motors on board.

For businesses, it offers a completely customized loyalty program to encourage loyal customers to visit more often. It further helps to automatically use data to increase return rate of new customers, reactivate lost customers and engage them on their birthdays and anniversaries. The platform also enables merchants to segment customers into various groups, send targeted offers and track redemption. PerkUp supports merchants with zealous customer support through its Merchant Success Team which ensures they achieve success with its platform.

While speaking with TechJuice, Abdullah Soomro, Founder of PerkUp, said,

We are right now focusing on getting small merchants on board. We have received good feedback from our clients in Karachi and Hyderabad. We are eyeing on Punjab and hiring a team to start the operations from there as well.

This recent investment will not only make the team financially strong, but will also open up connections to bigger brands in the country. Bilal Lakhani, publisher of Express Tribune and associated with DotZero ventures, is joining the startup as board of Director. Where as, Nadeem Ilahi and Farzal Dojki are joining as advisers. The official news also comes with Hassan Qureshi joining as Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. Hassan has been working with the startup unofficially since the inception. The duo is also director of founder’s institute in Karachi.

Humayun Mazhar, CEO of Crescent Ventures, said,

“We feel PerkUp’s all-in-one loyalty and marketing platform not only fills an existing need for small scale retail merchants but will also offer enhancement in such programs already used by large retailers. Furthermore, the ease of deployment backed up by a team of passionate and enterprising founders will establish PerkUp as a market leader in this space.”

Speaking of investors, Abdullah mentioned,

“The investors has been very helpful in the growth. We recently came up with the list of challenges and Bilal Lakhani went out his way to help us solve them. With the help and support, we are confident to increase the pace of clients on boarding.”

Written by Fatima Rizwan
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