Pokemon Go is not banned in Pakistan

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A scam website has been making rounds in Pakistani social media circles today which sports a domain main quite similar to the international news website ‘The Guardian’. The website claims that Pokemon Go has been banned in Pakistan. The fake website also makes a ridiculous claim that President Mamnoon Hussain has said this application is responsible for increase in deaths and accidents.

Pokemon Go

Now if you closely look at the domain address, you will see that this is not the official Guardian website. Also, don’t forget that Pokemon Go was never officially launched in Pakistan. In past, we told our readers how to download this game and play it — unofficially. So, how can the President of the country go ahead and ban something which has not made officially to our country.

Another interesting thing is seeing other local news media outlets, using this ‘fake news’ as a way to churn out click bait titles for confusing the readers more. Let us make this clear for everyone that,

Pokemon Go is not banned in Pakistan.

Our naive public has a knack of believing every story that is published online. The news attracted some angry protests and wise opinion that were downright hilarious.

Pokemon Go Pokemon Go Pokemon Go

The web world is full of content spinning websites, a few of which thrive on self-made fake and ridiculous stories. It is important to do research before believing in any news that is published online.

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