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Pokemon Go tops 100 million downloads, earns $10 million daily

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Pokemon Go, the famous augmented reality game, did not stop from making some concrete progress despite the threats posed by the decision of some clerics and the pending launch in some countries. Just over the weekend, the application has bagged 100 million downloads. The application, now, also has a combined daily revenue of $10 million from the Google Play and iOS.

On a rather surprising note, the application has not affected revenue and user engagement of other leading apps, revealed App Annie which is a business intelligence company from California. App Annie mentioned that the application has been largely additive to the economy and is not a substitute to the revenue generated by other application.

Pokemon Go App Annie

The report further mentioned that the application has opened new avenues for the game developers. It mentioned that the game has introduced Augmented Reality and has envisaged its importance. Game developers, now, can earn good sum by deploying in-game items to some businesses who would pay them in return. Businesses will also get benefit from increasing foot traffic.

Pokemon Go, launched about a month ago, has already achieved some successes. The company that made Pokemon Go is already worth $3.65 billion. Pakistani businesses have also started to use this sensation for some business gains. Recently, it also has been in the news, if a Harry Potter version of Pokemon Go was going to be launched. If you haven’t yet downloaded this game, you can follow our guide to download and install it.

You can review the analysis by App Annie here.

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