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Police stations to install helper button that helps citizens in complaint registration

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  1 min read >

According to the regional police officer, Dr. Sohail Habib Tajik said after launching a crime app earlier this year, police stations were advised by RPO to install a “helper” button in the offices.

Mostly the citizens claim that they fail when it comes to opting for a police response when filing for any crime. A “helper” button has been installed in the police station. If a person is unable to get any police response, the app will trigger the helper button which in return forward a call to every senior police officer. The police officer that will be notified including the query are District and circle police officials and RPO. The alert button is a way to get feedback from the general public regarding police performance. If the police failed to give a response to the query, an SOS message will be automatically generated as soon as the complaint hits the button.

Sohail Habib also said that the button is installed so that the general public can lodge any sort of complaint without fearing the police force. He further added that the police app and helper button is launched to add convenience to people’s life. There were 3,000 FIRs pending before the safe city project and had been registered under a month by the police.

According to the RPO, our legal system has been established when the British created the police force in the subcontinent. Things have changed since then so, new actions were to be taken on 21st-century crimes. The RPO also said that the save city project will take around 3 years before becoming fully operational. Not just that once it is in practice, the general public will get the best results out of it.

Habib further added: “400 police employees serving at residences and offices have been called back and posted to police station aimed at strengthening the working of the police.” He also said that his top priority is to change the perception of the general public regarding police and gain people’s confidence.