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PTA Blocks One Million Social Media Accounts for Posting Illegal Content

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According to reports, PTA received complaints of around 1.2 million social media accounts, 1.13 million of which were blocked right away while around 10,500 are declared non-guilty

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) just recently blocked over a million social media accounts as a response to the complaints it received. The primary reasons behind the blockage of these accounts include the sharing or publishing of illegal content or spreading hate against state institutions.

According to reports, PTA received complaints for 1.2 million accounts, once collected these accounts were analyzed and as a result, 1.13 million of these accounts were blocked for valid reasons. Some of these accounts are still under surveillance and will be blocked soon.

Amongst these complaints were a lot of fake ones therefore around 10,500 social media accounts have been labeled as falsely reported and are termed as non-guilty.

Reports show that the three most prevalent social platforms in this PTA blocking spree included Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, all three of which are largely used in the country and have gained massive popularity after the digital breakthrough.

The total number of accounts reported on Facebook was 134,549, a total number of accounts reported on Twitter was 63,233 whereas the total number of accounts reported on TikTok was 65,122. PTA while analyzing these reported accounts blocked 112,398, 31,870 and 63,632 on each of the three social media platforms respectively. Twitter stands to be an interesting element in these figures since around 63 thousand of its accounts were reported and only half of them are blocked up until now.

Here’s a table that will help you understand the figures better.

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