PTA plans to upgrade scope of work for mobile operators with its new licensing framework

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June 24, 2019
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In its attempt to transform the telecom sector of Pakistan at the domestic level, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is planning to upgrade the scope of work for telecom operators under the telecommunication licensing framework. The telecom regulator is trying to make Pakistan’s telecom sector in compliance with the emerging global standards.

According to a new proposal request by PTA, the authorities are considering to hire a consultant to review the telecommunication licensing framework thoroughly. The consultant whether an individual or a firm will be responsible for carrying out various tasks to develop a comprehensive framework for telecom operators under the new licensing regime.

In the restructuring of the telecom sector’s licensing regime, PTA will initially assess the existing licensing framework of the telecom companies. Then the regulator will form a new licensing framework for future including license renewal for telecos. The revamped version of telecom license renewal policy will certainly resolve the delay in the process of license renewals similar to what we have already witnessed in case of two leading mobile operators of Pakistan i.e. Jazz and Telenor.

Moreover, PTA is also planning to form a test and development license framework that will be comprised of criteria for the provision of licenses, license conditions, the duration of the licenses, and the terms and conditions of reissuing the licenses on expiry.

PTA is also looking forward to developing a framework for Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) as provided in accordance with policy guidelines on mobile network operators and MVNOs considering the best international practices being followed all across the globe.

Not only this, but PTA also plans to determine the method of authorization to organizations holding a broadcasting license but can offer telecommunication services to ensure equivalent treatment of alternative infrastructure providers. Details of the proposal can be viewed here.

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