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Punjab Police Whatsapp Service Notified by over 100,000 Users on Launch Day

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Punjab Police

On the first day that the Punjab Police WhatsApp service was introduced to give residents with information in a more accessible and effective manner, it is stated that more than 100,000 users accessed the service.

A representative for the Punjab Police stated that a significant number of Pakistanis living outside of the country also used the service, and it is hoped that this figure will continue to rise. The Punjab Police WhatsApp and the Online Complaint Management System (CMS) were apparently both officially launched by Faisal Shahkar, who serves as the Inspector General of Punjab (IGP).

The Punjab Police’s WhatsApp number is 0331-7871787, and individuals may use this service to obtain whatever information they require whenever it is convenient for them to do so. Residents may access over 15 distinct services provided by the Punjab Police through a single phone number by sending a text message with the greetings “Hi” or “Salam.”

Punjab police

The services include but are not limited to the IGP complaint cell, complaints regarding gender harassment, services provided by police service centers, crime reports, the Zainab Alert, facilities for Pakistanis living outside Pakistan, Criminal Record Verification of Domestic Workers, and the Citizen Portal. However, the number should not be used for making phone calls, exchanging films and photographs, or sending text messages because its primary purpose is to receive complaints through text.

The Content Management System (CMS) may be accessed online by anybody. After a complaint has been submitted to the CMS Public Complaint Register, this tool may be used to verify the progress of the complaint (PCR).

The spokesman further mentioned that residents who had utilized the WhatsApp service had expressed their gratitude to the Punjab Police and strongly recommended that the emergency number 15 for the Punjab Police be called in the event of an emergency.