Samsung becomes world’s biggest chipmaker

Written by Ali Leghari ·  51 sec read >

Tech behemoth Samsung has dethroned Intel as world’s biggest chipmaker. In the current quarter, Intel earned $14.76 billion in chip sales while Samsung earned $15.8 billion in the same period.

Samsung has been embedding its chips not only in mobile phones but also in servers. However, on the other hand, Intel only makes chips for personal computers. And now with the decline in manufacturing of personal computers globally, the sale of Intel chips have also declined.

Intel had been world’s biggest chipmaker since 1992, but sales have now declined. Leading tech analysts are arguing that dip in sales of chips is due to rise of smartphone and decline in PCs.

Samsung is also planning to spend $18 billion to expand its chip making business even further.

The year so far has been good for Samsung in terms of revenue and growth. Apart from a surge in chip sales, the mobile manufacturing company has released its second-quarter earning and according to the released data, the profits of the company has surged by 72 percent when compared to the preceding year. The company beats assumptions made by analysts before the release of profit sheet.

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Apart from Intel being dethroned by Samsung in chip selling department, recently Intel has sided with Apple and ditched Qualcomm in the legal spat. Intel argued that non-competitive behavior of Qualcomm is not a good sign for chipmaking industry.