Samsung Note 5 Event: When & Where to Watch?

By Rehan Ahmed on
August 13, 2015
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Today is the day for Samsung’s big event. Just a couple of days back, we wrote a news story about Samsung’s upcoming UNPACKED 2015 event, and what we might be seeing from the South Korean company in it. Well, today we will know for sure as we are just a couple of hours away from the big unveiling.

When to Watch it? The event is scheduled to be on Thursday, the 13th of August, at 11 A.M. EDT(Eastern Daylight Time. In Pakistan, that will be 8 P.M. Thursday (Today). Samsung has even made a countdown website which at the time of writing this article, shows 3 and a half hours left.

Where to Watch it? Luckily, Samsung will be live streaming their event on their website. You can click this link (Samsung UK) or this link (Samsung Tomorrow) at the time of the event to watch it live. If that doesn’t suit you, Samsung will also be broadcasting it live on their YouTube channel.

Today’s event is clearly going to be about the Galaxy Note 5, the latest phone in the hugely popular Galaxy Note series of phablets. Considering Note 4’s incredible success, Samsung might not be changing a lot about the Note but we are pretty sure that it’s going to borrow a lot of design components like the aluminium and glass construction from the S6. Along with that, we are also hearing rumours about seeing a second curved screen device called the “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus” and even a tablet maybe.

Stay tuned to TechJuice, and we will keep you updated about Samsung’s event.

Image Credits: Samsung Tomorrow
Source: Samsung

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