Samsung trademarks SAMOLED name for new screen.

Written by Taha Abdullah ·  55 sec read >

Samsung is a very well-known name in the smartphone industry, especially when it come to touchscreen displays. The company is an absolute giant of the display market and currently holds 40.2 percent of the global market share. This accounted to a staggering $3.45 billion in just the first quarter of 2019. The main reason the company continues to enjoy the top spot in the industry is due to the quality of its displays and the innovation it brings to the table. Continuing this tradition, Samsung has yet again improved their game and are working on a SAMOLED screen. They’ve trademarked the SAMOLED name, according to a report from the Korean Intellectual Property Office. This comes just ahead of the company’s awaited launch of the Galaxy S11 lineup of smartphones, and it can be reasonably inferred that the S11’s will debut these new displays.

The name seems to be an amalgamation of Samsung and OLED. It sounds very similar to the company’s Super AMOLED, however the two are not the same screen and shouldn’t be confused for each other. The new display is still being developed, and as such, Samsung is keeping any details about it under wraps. Therefore, we don’t know many details about the display apart from its name and its imminent arrival in the new Galaxy S11 line. However, looking at the market trends right now, we can reason that the display will feature a high refresh rate. The display is also expected to be energy-efficient, a key feature in most of Samsung’s displays.