Scientists Develop Double Sided Solar Panel That Produces More Electricity

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A two-sided perovskite panel achieves more than 90% of the efficiency of the front side. Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have invented a two-sided solar panel that can produce more electricity from both sides.

The bifacial solar panels can generate electricity from both sides of the panel. It takes sunlight from both sides. It harvests reflected sunlight that hits the device’s back, offering an innovative way to generate more electricity yields for less space and cost.

Unlike traditional and ongoing solar technologies that aim to improve efficiency rates from one side of the panel facing the sun. This new innovative method will take natural resources from both sides. This new method could boost the energy harvesting capabilities of Solar panels beyond the Expected limits.

Two-sided solar panel

The double-sided solar panels can capture sunlight from the side facing the sun, and light reflected off the ground onto the other side facing the floor. A global positioning system enables them to tilt on an axis to always point at the best possible side to capture the sunlight.
Kai Zhu, a scientist at the Chemistry and Nanoscience Centre at NREL who conducted the Research, stated that “this perovskite can operate very effectively from either side.”

Solar panels use semiconductor material and possess an efficiency rate of 26%. However, the front side of the two-sided solar panels can achieve a 23% efficiency rate higher than the front side solar panel.

On the other hand, the back side of the panel achieves an efficiency rate of about 91-93% from the front side. That can offer 20% more energy when harvesting reflected sunlight.

Perovskite is a crucial source of driving solar energy more efficiently. It has broken all previous efficiency records and provides new pathways to establish next-generation technologies.

Researchers at the US Department of Renewable Energy have unveiled perovskite solar cells capable of healing themselves when damaged by radiation occurring in Low-Earth orbit.

In addition, tandem-silicon perovskite solar cells can achieve lab-measured efficiency of more than 30%, which is relatively higher than purely silicon cells. Startups are rapidly progressing toward the commercial production of the next-generation panels.

Though, the two-sided solar panels may be more expensive than the simpler ones, as they can produce more power than facial panels.
According to the new Research conducted by different researchers titled “Highly efficient bifacial single-junction perovskite solar cells,”

The double-sided solar panels are capable enough to produce more electricity and have shown a significant advancement in solar technologies. It will help make solar power more affordable in the coming years and accessible to everyone.

With continuous development and Research, solar panels could continue to improve in effectiveness and efficiency. It helps and motivates people to adopt solar energy and reducing carbon emissions.

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