Siri expected to become more useful with iOS 13

Avatar Written by Abdul Wahab · 1 min read>

According to a report by 9to5Mac contributor Guilherme Rambo, the new iOS will bring some exciting new features to the iOS platform specifically to Siri as app developers will now be able to take advantage of Siri in their third-party apps.

More integration of Siri

According to Rambo, iOS 13 will allow developers to integrate Siri into their apps for several new use cases including playback, search, voice calling, event ticketing, and message attachments. In simple words, app developers will now be able to take advantage of Siri in their third-party apps. This would mark a paradigm shift in Apple’s policy towards its AI assistant. For instance, users of third-party music streaming apps like Spotify cannot use Siri voice commands to control playback, however, with the changes in the latest iOS version, things are about to change.

Improvements in Augmented Reality

Apple for some time has been working on Augmented Reality and its application in its ecosystem. In fact, there have been significant leaks and rumors about Apple releasing some form of smart-glasses in the near future which will truly implement AR in our daily lives. Well, those rumors may have been verified as Apple’s augmented reality platform ARKit is set to gain significant improvements which include a new Swift-only framework for AR and companion and lets developers simulate AR related experiments visually.

Third-party app developers will also be able to add link previews in their own messaging apps, scan documents without the need to go through the photo app similar to how it is available in iMessage. Furthermore, these app-developers are also expected to get more support from native Apple platforms like Taptic engine and NFC. The Taptic engine support will let developers use a wide variety of haptic feedback styles for their own apps, thereby making the overall iOS experience even more pleasant.