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Sky Electric launches Smart Energy System to provide affordable energy in Pakistan

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Sky Electric will provide smart energy solutions in Pakistan.

The US-based company has launched its operations in Pakistan to provide clean solar energy. The company addresses the power challenges faced by the country through the renewable source of energy. The Smart Energy System (SES) combines the technology with solar grid to provide high quality and cleaner energy at an affordable cost.

The CEO of Sky Electric, Ashar Aziz, is also a founder of a cyber security firm FireEye. He said that solar form of renewable energy is an environmentally friendly solution to the energy crisis faced by Pakistan. He also stressed the fact that energy consumption is strongly correlated with country’s GDP and economic prosperity. The electricity thefts lead to many financial losses.

Sky Electric uses technology particularly suited to the needs of developing countries. He said a three per kilowatt-hour (kWh) solar power system would cost Rs 1 million. For small industrial units that have limited resources, the company has introduced cheaper solar energy systems of 20 and 30 per kWh. The systems will also have a backup support.

The system can be controlled through a mobile application. Mr. Aziz gave a demonstration on how the system works with a Smart Energy Console. The console is a touch-screen interface with a built-in WiFi and 3G connectivity. It gives insight into the system and helps in uploading the relay information on Sky Electric cloud. The technicians can then remotely monitor the system for any faults.

The launch event of Sky Electric was attended by many energy stakeholders, govt officials, green architects, and others.

Source: Express Tribune

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