Skype finally introduces call recording

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Microsoft has finally heard its users woes. It is introducing a built-in call recording function in the latest versions of Skype. Now Skype users wouldn’t be required to install third party tools to get the calls recorded.

As of now, the feature is available on all Skype versions except for Windows 10 where it is expected to be available in a few weeks time. The call recording feature is available as an option during the call. Once you opt for the recording option, the caller on the other end is also notified through a notification bar that the call is being recorded. Microsoft also prompts the call recorder to verbally inform the participants that the call is being recorded.

Skype is a popular choice for communication, especially in workplaces and offices. Third Party recorders have made tons of money owing to Microsoft not introducing the built-in recording feature. This might have happened owing to privacy and security concerns around the use of this feature. But now Microsoft has finally taken the plunge.

Below are the few screens explaining the process:

This is how you activate the call recording feature.
Participants are informed through a banner prompting the recorder to verbally acknowledge the recording as well.
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