Top Apps as Whatsapp Alternatives in 2022

WhatsApp’s global popularity may be attributed to its multi-platform compatibility, strong encryption, and extensive communication options. However, the app...

Sep 1 ·>

Best Apps For Free Video-Calling in 2022

Thus, if you live far away or do freelance- work, it can be difficult for you to do face-to-face...

Skype on Android is automatically answering calls without user permission, thanks to a bug

Fear not; Skype has not turned sentient. However, its Android version has been afflicted by a bug that automatically...

Apr 4 ·>

Microsoft will end support for Skype Classic in November

The coming November will witness the inevitable end of the famous Skype Classic (7.0) support. The original discontinuation of...

Oct 4 ·>

Microsoft is ending support for Skype Classic

Microsoft is ending support for the popular Skype Classic (7.0) on November 1st. Previously, the discontinuation of the Skype...

Oct 2 ·>

Skype preview on Android will now let you send SMS messages from your Desktop or Mac

Skype will now let you send texts from your PC or Mac via synching your mobile device with your...

Sep 14 ·>
Skype Preview Android

Skype finally introduces call recording

Microsoft has finally heard its users woes. It is introducing a built-in call recording function in the latest versions...

Sep 5 ·>

Skype to get a call recording feature

Skype is finally getting a call recording feature nearly after 15 years of its launch. Skype has been known...

Jul 18 ·>

Microsoft completely redesigns Skype for desktop

Microsoft updated the mobile version of Skype to 8.0 a few months ago. The new mobile version of Skype...

Oct 31 ·>

Skype reaches 1 billion downloads on Android

Skype continues to grow and has become another app to reach 1 billion download club on Android. Skype is...

Oct 26 ·>
Skype 8.0-q

Saudi Arabia to finally unblock WhatsApp, Skype & Viber

The Saudi Arabian government is finally unblocking WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber. Arab News has reported that voice and video...

Sep 14 ·>

Skype introduces a real-time coding platform “Interviews” for recruiters to test candidates

Skype is taking remote recruiting to a whole new level with Interviews which features a real time code editor...

Aug 30 ·>