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Sony is Reportedly Making a Foldable Phone: Here is All You Need to Know

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
According to rumors, the foldable phone being created by Sony will have a clamshell design with a hinge similar to flip phones released during the late nineties

Throughout the past year, we have seen multiple companies including Google and Samsung announcing or even releasing their flip phones. Jumping into this trend, Sony is rumored to be making its own foldable phone that contains a clamshell design similar to flip phones released during the late nineties.

Rumors about the Sony foldable phone began from posts in different South Korean forums. According to the post, Sony is expected to release this “next-generation, top-of-the-line, clamshell foldable phone” as a part of the Xperia Compact series.

Revealing more details, the post mentioned that the foldable phone will have no cover screen, which is something that’s unusual for any foldable smartphone since all of them have always had some form of secondary screen that allowed users to pick up calls and perform other basic functions.

Sony Xperia compact foldable phone
Sony Xperia compact foldable phone, rumored to have no cover screen unlike most modern foldable smartphones

A primary reason behind the Sony foldable phone not having a cover screen could be the fact that it is a part of the ‘Xperia Compact’, a series that is famous for its small sizes and are often lesser than the average 6 inches smartphone; Being lesser than three inches once folded, the phone will probably have a super tiny and difficult to use cover screen, if it ever gets one.

The latest addition into the Xperia Compact series was the Xperia 5 IV which was released in 2022. Once this foldable is released, it will be the newest addition to the Xperia Compact series.


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