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Sony’s Next Release Could be a Handheld Gaming Console

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  56 sec read >
Sony handheld console
It’s reported that the unreleased gaming console is shaped similar to PS5 controller and contains an 8-inch touchscreen LCD

Once known for its exceptional handheld gaming consoles, Sony stopped selling them around 2011, right after launching the PS Vita, which stands to be Sony’s last handheld gaming console, but it seems that it won’t have the title for long since recent reports from Insider Gaming show that the company is working on a new handheld console.

Released by author Tom Henderson, the Insider Gaming report shows that the company is making a comeback into the handheld console segment and plans its return by releasing a handheld console that goes by the code name of ‘Q Lite’.

According to the details mentioned in the report, the handheld console, unlike previous Sony handhelds, will not be a standalone device, instead this new console will even allow users to stream their PS5 games onto the handheld.

This feature for the new handheld console aligns with Sony’s remote play, a feature that allows users to stream their PS5 game on laptops, tablets, and even smartphones.

The new handheld console is expected to look similar to the PS5 controller, with a 8-inch touchscreen LCD and a volume button, audio jack and built-in speakers.

The report by Gaming Insider does not mention anything about the specifications or capabilities of the device, therefore it’s almost impossible to predict its functionality.

It’s rumored that this new Sony handheld console will be released by the end of 2024 and might just be released alongside the much awaited PS5 Pro.


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