Nintendo to Stop Making Anymore Mario Games for Smartphones

Despite the success of mobile game titles such as ‘Super Mario Run and the ‘Mario Kart Tour’, Nintendo chief...

Apr 9 · >

Sony’s Next Release Could be a Handheld Gaming Console

It’s reported that the unreleased gaming console is shaped similar to PS5 controller and contains an 8-inch touchscreen LCD...

Apr 6 · >

Saudi Arabia Says it Will Invest $38 Billion in the Global Gaming Industry

Savvy Gaming Group, a subsidiary of the Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), will lead the financing and expand...

Apr 4 · >

Car thieves use a Game Boy to hack car security

In recent news, a group of British car thieves used a device that looks like an ordinary retro Nintendo...

Oct 8 · >

Fortnite Fleet Force bundle includes Peely-themed Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch

By June 4th, Fortnite fans can grab the new pair of Joy-Con controllers when the Fleet Force Bundle arrives....

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Mar 16 · >

Nintendo sets to release a new Switch with a larger screen and 4K output

In recent news, Nintendo is aiming to release a new model of the very popular Nintendo Switch which will...

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Mar 4 · >

Nintendo predicts it’ll sell 24m Switch consoles this year as home gaming increases

Japanese gaming titan Nintendo has boosted its sales forecast for its popular Switch consoles for the year ending March...

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Nov 5 · >

Nintendo aims to beat Microsoft and Sony with net profit of $1.1 billion

The famous Japanese video games console maker Nintendo Co Ltd. is expecting its highest earnings in seven years. Nintendo...

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Oct 30 · >

Nintendo to bring ‘The Legend of Zelda’ game to smartphones

Video game company Nintendo is planning to release new ‘The Legend of Zelda’ game to smartphones. The Wall Street...

May 16 · >

Nintendo reveals Switch, a first of its kind gaming console

In a dedicated event yesterday, Nintendo finally revealed its long-awaited gaming console, Switch, the company’s shape-shifting gaming device. Somewhat...

Jan 13 · >