Spotify plans to allow users to post Stories alongside their playlists

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Ever since Snapchat popularized the truly revolutionary concept of sharing ‘stories’ on a social media platform, companies have been more than eager to climb aboard the Stories bandwagon. With digital music service giant Spotify taking the same route, it appears that this trend is continuing.

According to a recent report by TechCrunch, the Swedish music streaming company has been working on and testing a new feature that will allow a select group of users to be able to upload Snapchat-like Stories along with their public playlists.

This exclusive group of users is expected to primarily comprise of influencers. The first influencer to test the feature is rising fashion YouTuber Summer Mckeen, who possesses 2.33 million subscribers on the video streaming platform.  Moreover, she boasts 2.1 million followers on Instagram as well as 125, 455 followers on Spotify itself thereby making her the perfect candidate for the company’s tests.

The report states that Mckeen will be using the new feature to showcase a playlist of her favorite songs of all time, and it will be entitled “all time besties”.

If you are a Spotify user on Android and iOS who is intrigued by this feature, you’re in luck. Spotify Stories are only available on the aforementioned platforms so far, and it’s not quite clear if there ever will be a desktop version.

For Spotify itself, this intriguing feature is nothing more than a test. There have been other tests in the past that haven’t matured into full-blown products, and it is entirely possible that Stories ends up going down that same rabbit hole.

Earlier this month, the music streaming giant launched the Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI) feature that enables Spotify Podcast Ads to add more advertising options into podcasts in real-time. If Stories does end up being launched, it will simply empower the company with even more options for its user base.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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