Instagram now lets you add a soundtrack to your stories

Instagram is now allowing its users to add popular copyrighted songs to their Stories. On 28th June, Instagram announced...

Jun 29 ·>

Snapchat now allows you to unsend messages

Snap, the parent company of Snapchat has announced a new feature, Clear Chats, that will allow users to delete...

Jun 12 ·>

Hour-long videos are coming to Instagram soon

Instagram has been constantly improving its app through new features and updates. From muting an account to resharing posts...

Jun 6 ·>

Snapchat CEO released redesign despite warnings from designers, report

Snapchat’s major redesign was widely unpopular, contributing to a decline in Snap’s growth. According to a report, the design...

May 19 ·>

Snapchat just unveiled the craziest new feature for selfie lovers

Snapchat just introduced “Lens Studio”. The platform that will allow developers to create AR lenses for Snapchat. The company...

Apr 18 ·>

Google to launch a better alternative to AMP news stories

The search giant Google known for many tech products and services is planning to further maximize the experience we...

Mar 9 ·>

Google unveils Snapchat-style format for its AMP stories

Snapchat has got another copier in the industry. Google has launched its AMP “Visually Rich’ stories today which are...

Feb 14 ·>

Here’s why people are hating the new Snapchat update

Last week, Snapchat came up with a new update in which the app splits into two sections; the way...

Feb 12 ·>

Don’t get caught! Instagram will now notify screenshot alerts

Instagram is getting more inspiration from Snapchat by borrowing or shall we say “stealing” another feature from Snapchat. The...

Feb 10 ·>

You will soon be able to post stories on Google Earth

Tech behemoth Google always releases unique updates and features for its users worldwide. This time also, the tech company...

Jul 13 ·>

Facebook copies Snapchat AGAIN to launch Stories, in-app Camera and Direct feature

Facebook has rolled out Snapchat-style stories, camera effects and Instagram-like direct sharing option. Snapchat was the first of all...

Mar 30 ·>

Instagram copies Snapchat to introduce Stories

Instagram will start the rollout for a big new update to its mobile apps today with a new feature...

Aug 2 ·>