Your stolen Apple ID login is worth PKR 1,700 on the dark web

Written by Sajeel Syed ·  57 sec read >
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Well, if you don’t care for your Apple ID, you should, because it has become the most valuable non-financial login.

Your Apple ID is worth $15.39 (approx equal to PKR 1,700) on the dark web, a hidden network of sites that allow people to communicate anonymously, as uncovered by a Top 10 VPN, a site that reviews virtual private networks.

According to the site’s report, the deceivers are selling and buying your stolen personal information on the dark web. Other than Apple ID, there are several other stolen logins like Amazon, eBay, and Netflix listed on the site.

For comparison, it is observed that Netflix login costs $8.32 on the dark web, while a PayPal is one with high charges i.e. $247. Following behind are online banking details, which cost $160.15. On the e-commerce sites, Amazon and Walmart logins cost $9 each, while Macy’s, which is a premium player in this industry, has a login worth $15.34 on the dark web.

Notably, Apple ID is the most valuable login on the market for anything outside of the financial services sector. Hackers use a variety of techniques to steal login credentials from unaware victims. Usually, those hackers use phishing scams that cause victims into unknowingly handing over their usernames and passwords of high-value accounts by logging in to fake login pages that look like the real thing. The issue was previously discovered in some iOS devices where users were easily tricked into giving away Apple ID password.

Meanwhile, hackers have also developed some apps to steal your Apple ID and if you are worried about your online security, here’s our simple guide to prevent this from happening.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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