‘Zoombombing’ is becoming an issue amid rising popularity due to coronavirus

Taha Abdullah • April 2, 2020

Opera blamed for offering predatory loans through Android apps

Tehreem Farooqi • January 20, 2020

Millions of iOS devices struck by ‘unfixable’ iPhone flaw

Hamza Zakir • October 1, 2019

Apple is updating iOS to block police from unlocking iPhones

Talha Saqib • June 14, 2018

Future iPhones may help you to unlock your front door & automobiles

Aqsa Khunshan • May 28, 2018

This new feature of iOS 11.4 will make it tougher for police to unlock your iPhone

Sajeel Syed • May 15, 2018

Google Vs Facebook: Who wins in the privacy policy

Sajeel Syed • May 7, 2018

Samsung has a bad news for Galaxy S6 series owners

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26 out of 115 top VPNs are secretly collecting your personal information

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Apple ID change Gmail

Your stolen Apple ID login is worth PKR 1,700 on the dark web

Sajeel Syed • March 9, 2018

Apple’s security challenged as former intern leaks iOS source code

Nimra Puri • February 10, 2018

German intelligence warns about the Chinese cyber-spying via LinkedIn

Sajeel Syed • December 11, 2017
Google's Security Checkup is a feature that makes sure that Google's accounts are safe by checking those items that could impact your account's security.

Google’s Security Checkup prevents third-party apps to access your data

Sajeel Syed • October 17, 2017

One billion Yahoo users affected in the World’s largest hack

Muneeb Ahmad • December 15, 2016