Student Uses ChatGPT To Get 94% In Exams Without Even Taking Classes

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OpenAI’s viral chatbot ChatGPT has been the subject of much debate since its launch in November last year. Now, to add fuel to the debate, this student used the chatbot to complete 12 weeks of study in just 2-3 hours, resulting in a score of 94 on his exam.

Battling personal issues, a user named 151N found themself in a conundrum: how to cover 12 weeks of lecture material in just three days? The student turned to ChatGPT for a solution, recognizing that the exam would be multiple-choice and based on lecture content.

The student discovered that the lecture transcripts were available on Echo360, but they were too lengthy for ChatGPT to handle. Undeterred, the student employed a text summarizer to trim the content, then tasked ChatGPT with analyzing the summarized transcripts and highlighting essential discussions from each lecture.

The day before the exam, the student reviewed the study material given by ChatGPT. As luck would have it, the next day’s exam included almost the same content they had studied, resulting in a stellar score of 94.

On the popular social media platform Reddit, a user with the handle u/151N recently shared the story. In the post, the user expressed their concern about upcoming semester exams, as they had spent a significant amount of time inside their room instead of attending classes.

The innovative solution they came up with was to use ChatGPT as a tutor to understand the major topics for the exam and focus their time on those specific topics.

The student started by getting a transcript of all of their lectures and pasting it into ChatGPT asking the chatbot to analyze the lectures and use its algorithms to decide the information that would be most relevant for the upcoming exam. 

However, the user encountered a small problem during the process when the transcript proved to be too long for ChatGPT to analyze. To overcome this, the student employed an online paraphrasing tool to summarize the text before submitting it to ChatGPT once more with the same request and the chatbot didn’t disappoint.

On the first day of exam preparation, the student was able to enlist important points from all the lectures and discussions conducted throughout the semester in just 4-5 hours.

On the second day of preparation, the student asked ChatGPT to find all the points marked as important in each lecture, using only the course textbook and the transcript that the chatbot had previously summarized. The user then spent 4-5 hours that day ensuring that the information provided by ChatGPT was accurate.

This inspiring tale not only highlights the power of AI in education but also demonstrates how creative thinking and determination can lead to remarkable results, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

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