Student’s education woes just keep on increasing as #online_exams_only trend crosses 40K+ tweets

Shaheryar Ehsan Written by Shaheryar Ehsan ·  1 min read >

We have been highlighting certain trends in the past like #FastStopTorturing and #StopTorturingSukkurIBA which later on resulted in the exams being delayed. But it seems like Pakistani students aren’t going to decrease any time soon as another trend has started on Twitter in which they are demanding that exams should be taken online.

One begs to question that given the state of pandemic right now, is it wise to open up institutions again? As per Dr. Umar Saif, the decision to reopen institutions should be re-evaluated as it could lead to a sharp increase in the number of cases:

Another thing that is on everyone’s minds right now is what is the ultimate solution to this problem. Given the fact that the vaccine rollout still has some time, it would be preferable that online education should be further enhanced especially for those students who are in far-flung areas. Not to mention that the back and forth decisions of the government to open institutions and close them again are financially taxing for hostel students and expats.

If students are complaining of lack of quality in distance learning than HEC and other regulators need to step in through proper feedback mechanisms to address the concerns. Most teachers are not that well trained to operate modern software like MS Teams or Zoom therefore it leads to further issues and even memes surfacing on the web every now and then.

In the coming week, we will do a segment with some industry entrepreneurs who are changing Pakistan’s education landscape and bring you their views regarding the issues in online education and conventional learning practices. Stay tuned for that!

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