#StopTorturingSukkurIBA trends on Twitter as administration announces on-campus exams from 11th January

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It seems like universities are intent on following their own schedules for examinations and students aren’t liking it one bit. Just a little while ago we covered how students are protesting against FAST administration’s decision on conducting exams on campus from 11th January. Now, Institute of Business Administration Sukkur is in the limelight for holding on-campus examinations from 11th January.

This is the email which students on campus have received from the administration:

Upon checking the date sheet, it can be seen that the exams are starting next week on short notice. Students have taken to Twitter to highlight this issue as conducting exams right now when institutions are not open and the education ministers took the decision to open universities on 1st February.

Here is the date sheet in question where one can see classrooms clearly listed:

A student highlighted that they need time to prepare as online classes weren’t up to the mark:

Meanwhile, another highlighted that this was against government orders:

What is your take regarding these on-campus exams at this time period? Is online education up to standard for modern-day learning? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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