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STZA to launch special tech zones in Sindh

Written by Hamza Zakir ·  1 min read >

Special technology zones are steadily expanding across the nation. In a welcome development, a high-level delegation of the Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA) visited the Sindh Secretariat in Karachi to discuss the plan to launch tech zones thereby creating a vast number of opportunities for Pakistan’s technology industry.

As reported by Global Village Space, the STZA delegation was led by Chairman Amer Hashmi, while the Sindh Secretariat delegation was led by the Chief Secretary of Sindh Dr. Sohail Rajput. The latter also included Secretary of Information, Science and Technology Asif Ikram and Special Assistant to the CM on IT Tanzeela Umi Habiba.

The Chairman STZA explained how the authority is implementing its National Roll-out plan, under which Special Technology Zones (STZs) are being developed across the country, where numerous opportunities will be created for Pakistan’s rapidly developing technology industry to thrive under international benchmarks.

He further elaborated that STZA was making efforts to support the technology industry at the grassroots level by offering globally competitive incentives to the small, medium, and large-scale technology organizations as well as enabling the rapidly growing freelancers’ market in Pakistan.

Chief Commercial Officer STZA Javaid Iqbal presented the Innovation Clusters Strategy, under which high potential technology clusters across the country would offer incentives and regulatory support.

Furthermore, the STZA also briefed about recent technology investment potential in Sindh province. The Sindh Secretariat leadership lauded the initiatives taken by STZA and expressed their full support and commitment to closely collaborating with STZA to pursue programs and initiatives for the fast-paced growth of the technology sector in Sindh.

The Chairman STZA expressed his gratitude to the Sindh Secretariat for their support of the discussed initiatives. He added that the collaboration between government, academia, and industry will promote innovation and provide a plethora of opportunities for the youth in the Sindh technology ecosystem.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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