Nvidia Made Double Revenue This Year: Thanks To AI

On Wednesday, the demand for Nvidia’s processors was highly surpassed by its quarterly revenue prediction. The company also announced...

Aug 25 · >

IBM and Samsung’s new transistors could give phones battery life of one week

IBM and Samsung are two behemoths of the technology world who claim to have something incredibly exciting in the...

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Dec 14 · >

IBM unveils the world’s smallest and cheapest computer with blockchain technology

The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an American multinational technology company unveiled the world’s smallest computer with blockchain...

May 28 · >

Facebook and Qualcomm are jointly working on hi-speed Wi-Fi for 2019

Back in 2016 at Facebook’s F8 developer conference, the social networking giant announced its gigabit Wi-Fi network — Terragraph...

May 22 · >

Is the Kirin 970 NPU is faster than the Snapdragon 845?

The Chinese tech giant Huawei introduced its in-house Kirin 970 chipset and surprised everyone as the Huawei’s HiSilicon’s Kirin...

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May 4 · >

Samsung posts record profit as chip business grows in the first-quarter report of 2018

Samsung has just posted its operating profit earning for the first quarter of 2018. Samsung’s memory chip business showed...

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Apr 26 · >

Facebook is looking to design its own chips

Facebook is planning to assemble a team to design its own semiconductors chips by joining with other tech giants...

Apr 19 · >

Apple to say goodbye to Intel chips for upcoming Macs

Apple is reportedly planning to replace the Intel chips it has been using in Mac computers for over a...

Apr 3 · >

Intel faces 32 lawsuits over Spectre and Meltdown flaws

Last month, we reported about the flaw in chips of all major chipmakers including Intel. The potential impact of...

Feb 17 · >

Samsung is now designing chips for cryptocurrency mining

Samsung is the largest smartphones manufacturer in the world and the company has recently released its financial results for...

Feb 2 · >

Microsoft’s fix for bugs is wrecking some AMD-powered PCs

Last week, we reported about the bug in the processors of almost all major chip makers including Intel, AMD,...

Jan 10 · >

Intel will patch flawed chips by the end of January

Last week, we reported about the flaw in chips of all major chipmakers including Intel. The potential impact of...

Jan 9 · >