Cyber Crime

Police want to hire the hacker they arrested for data theft

Police have been left so impressed by the hacking skills of a guy they arrested for data theft that...

Aug 10 ·>

Here’s how you can report fake Facebook profile to FIA Cyber Crime Center

With online terrorism, fake profiles, blasphemy on social media and other cyber crimes on the rise, it has become...

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Apr 17 ·>
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Cyber Crime Bill complies with human rights, says Law Minister

The Minister of State for Law and Justice has said that the Prevention of Electronics Crime Bill fully complies...

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Aug 20 ·>

Pakistan Awami Tehreek challenges Cyber Crime Bill in the Lahore High Court

The Cyber Crime Bill or more formally, the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill has been challenged in the Lahore...

Aug 12 ·>

FIA proposes special tribunal, awareness campaigns for implementation of Cyber Crime law

The highly-controversial Cyber Crime Bill was adopted by the Senate last week, prompting the FIA to put forward some...

Aug 2 ·>

Senate finally approves the Cyber Crime Bill with over 50 amendments

Today the Senate has given a final nod to the pending approval of the Cyber Crime Bill, recommending, over...

Jul 29 ·>

Senate body adopts Cyber Crime Bill with some amendments

The Senate, today, has finally adopted the controversial Cyber Crime Bill. Last week news arose that the Senate standing...

Jul 26 ·>

Pakistan witnesses sharp increase in the Facebook-related complaints

The data released by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing Punjab Center indicated that the Facebook-related complaints in...


Cybercrime Bill could give PTA unprecedented power to govern the Internet

The government’s new cybercrime bill could give Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) the power to become a regulating body of...

Jul 1 ·>

Supreme Court Rejects Bail for Facebook Account Hacker

On Wednesday, the 18th of November, the Supreme Court rejected the bail plea by a man who stands accused...

Nov 23 ·>

Cyber-blackmail: A challenge for Pakistan

While the government is busy in developing a new cyber law,  many from Media, internet service providers, NGOs and...

Aug 27 ·>
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