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FIA arrested three men accused of Rs. 4 million Facebook fraud

Written by Faisal Saeed ·  47 sec read >

The cyber crime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested three men for allegedly looting 4 million rupees from another man through a fake profile on Facebook. The three suspects named Jawed Khan, Naeem, and a Nigerian-national Joyce Smith belonged to Abbottabad city and were arrested on Thursday.

The FIA said that these three men made a fake Facebook profile and pretended to be a woman. They later contacted a man named Tahir Sarwar, who was also a resident of Abbottabad and asked him for 4 million rupees. Tahir under the impression that the account belonged to a female transferred the money to the account number the suspects had shared with him. Tahir later realized that he had been duped by the fake account holder.

On January 2, the FIA cybercrime unit arrested a Nigerian national who was involved in making fake currency notes and used to smuggle them. FIA seized a bag full of fake currency notes worth $25 million after raiding his house. Another suspect working with the money launderer escaped during the raid and the FIA is conducting raids to arrest him.

The FIA officials added that the Nigerian national was living illegally in the country for the last two months. The suspect was also involved in the fraud emails scheme, asking people to invest in the chemical business.