Hackers are targeting telecom companies to steal 5G secrets

In recent news, a few cybersecurity researchers at McAfee discovered that a cyber-espionage campaign is targeting telecommunication companies around...

Mar 18 ·>

US advised not to criticize Russian & Chinese cyberattacks given its history of doing the same

Revelations that the US has been the target of two significant hacking campaigns by Russia and China just weeks...

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Mar 17 ·>

Microsoft’s troubles continue; Chinese hacks doubling every two hours

Since the Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities have still not been fixed, the Chinese hackers are taking advantage of the slowness...

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Mar 12 ·>

Tesla and Cloudfare’s security camera feeds get hacked in a major breach

Verkada – a Silicon Valley-based startup providing cloud-based security camera services, has undergone a major security breach, with hackers...

Mar 10 ·>

The US gears up to launch a counter-attack in response to Russian hacking of SolarWinds

The United States is planning to take action against Russia after reaching the conclusion that it was involved in...

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Mar 9 ·>

Outlook users’ hacked globally as four hacking groups launch offensive against Microsoft

Microsoft Outlook users were hacked recently by “a Chinese government-backed hacking group” as per Microsoft It was further reported...

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Mar 8 ·>

Undeterred Chinese hackers continue to challenge America. Warning issued after Microsoft’s mail server program hacked

The US government has issued an official warning after Microsoft announced through a blog post that it has caught...

Mar 4 ·>

Chinese group, APT10 comprising of world’s elite hackers, carries out cyberattacks against Indian vaccine manufacturers

According to a security firm, a Chinese hacking group has attacked two Indian vaccine manufacturers. Cyfirma, which is based...

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Mar 2 ·>

The rising threat of Indian hacking groups to Pakistan among other South Asian countries

Pakistan continues to be the biggest target of Indian cyber-espionage, and China, with its cyber-espionage groups soliciting information on...

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Feb 26 ·>

When hackers get hacked. China hijacked and used an American hacking tool for years

A security firm, Check point has uncovered evidence that a Chinese group of hackers called APT31 was successful in...

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Feb 23 ·>

Clubhouse chats suffer data breach, security concerns raised

According to Reema Bahnasy, a spokeswoman for Clubhouse, an unidentified user was able to stream feeds from the app’s...

Feb 22 ·>

Your baby monitor could be spying on you. Security research uncovers vulnerabilities

According to a recent finding by SecurityDetectives – an independent review site for antiviruses and other security products, a...

Feb 19 ·>

Ministry of IT and Telecom advises to move websites to NTC to prevent cyber attacks

The Ministry of IT and Telecom, in a recent letter to all federal secretaries, advised shifting the websites of...

Feb 19 ·>