TechJuice interviews Issay Yoshida – founder, xpression camera – the live appearance altering app

As the deepfake boom continues to unfold, several apps that rely on breathtaking technology to deliver stunning results have...

Apr 23 · >

Concerns arise about WOMBO.AI – the “deepfake” singing app

Wombo.AI, a new app sensation that creates deepfakes by making any photo sing, has been doing rounds on social...

Mar 11 · >

Seeing is no longer believing. Viral Tom Cruise deepfakes mark the beginning of the era of Deepfakes raising widespread global alarm

Have you seen Tom cruise tripping while walking through a clothing store, golfing, or doing a magic trick on...

Mar 4 · >

Harvard professor launches startup to help companies protect their AI systems from hackers

It is one thing to climb the academic ladder at one of the world’s most prestigious universities and gain...

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Oct 22 · >

Researchers are now using heartbeat detection to accurately identify deepfakes

You might just be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of deepfakes yet. From spreading fake news...

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