Elon Musk

Tesla now worth more than $93 billion

Tesla has hit the $500 mark this week and it is the first time in the history that the...

Jan 15 ·>

Elon Musk believes we’ll be able to talk to Tesla cars in the future

Yes, you read that right: eccentric CEO of Tesla (and unofficial meme-lord on Twitter) Elon Musk wants his electric...

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Jan 13 ·>

Elon Musk reveals the humongous spacecraft that will carry humans to Mars and beyond

Ever since it was launched back in 2002, SpaceX has been striving to make space travel cheaper and more...

Sep 30 ·>

Musk tests the Raptor; his Starhopper looks like a “flying water tower”

Elon Musk’s, the Raptor, is known for its monstrous rocket engines. They look like liquid steel from afar, and...

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Sep 27 ·>

Elon Musk officially reveals plan to enable your brain to ‘talk’ to your computer

While all the startups launched by billionaire serial entrepreneur Elon Musk appear to have popped right out of a...

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Jul 17 ·>

Elon Musk deletes his Twitter account, announces on Twitter

Elon Musk has been quite popular for roasting competitors and making bold claims on his Twitter account, which landed...

Jun 17 ·>

NASA could rely on the Falcon Heavy rocket of Space X to send people to the Moon

The conflict is evident from the get-go: the world’s most famous government-controlled space agency might join forces with the...

Apr 2 ·>

SpaceX is flying a Japanese billionaire to the moon and artists are accompanying him

Elon Musk’s space company is taking a Japanese Billionaire to the moon as the World’s first private tourist. For...

Sep 19 ·>

Elon Musk’s mini-submarine is not practical for Thai cave mission, says head of rescue

A team of 12 young Thai soccer players along with their coach got trapped in a cave in northern...

Jul 10 ·>

Elon Musk demonstrates usage of Kid Size Submarine that could help save Thai children

Elon Musk has posted videos of a kid-sized submarine which will be used to save the Thai children soccer...

Jul 9 ·>

Elon Musk’s ultra-high-speed hyperloop will cost just $1 for a 240 kph Loop ride

Elon Musk shared some details of his new project of the Boring company about his project to cure the...

May 18 ·>

NASA seems to be begging for its trip to Mars

You might have heard that NASA is the only space station that has the ability and technology to go...

Apr 27 ·>

Elon Musk is making a cyborg dragon and here’s what House Targarian thinks about it

Elon Musk is building a “cyborg dragon.” Yes, you read it correctly. With his best attempt on Khaleesi, Musk...

Apr 26 ·>