Only 50,000 Essential units have been sold up til now

The poor Essential phone launched by the cofounder of Android, Andy Rubin, was expected to be groundbreaking. When the...

Dec 13 ·>
Essential PH-1

You can now get Essential Phone for $299

A week ago, Essential Phone got a $200 permanent discount and started selling for $499 and now you can...

Oct 30 ·>
Essential Phone

Essential Phone is now $200 cheaper

Yes, you read it right. Essential phone is now permanently $200 cheaper, which means that you can now get...

Oct 23 ·>
Essential Phone

Essential sued over using wireless tech of another company

Android’s co-creator Andy Rubin’s Essential has been sued over using a modular connector of Keyssa, a wireless technology company...

Oct 21 ·>
Essential Lawsuit Wireless Tech

Essential is now available in Pure White color

Essential, a company founded by Android’s co-founder Andy Rubin, launched its first phone, the Essential PH-1 with a complete...

Oct 12 ·>
Essential PH 1

Can’t afford the bezel less iPhone X? These should be your top choices

Apple finally launched its bezel less phone, the iPhone X, at its Keynote event yesterday. The iPhone X is...

Sep 13 ·>
Essential PH-1