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Gboard for iOS now offers YouTube and Google Maps tabs

Tech behemoth Google rolls out updates for its users in equal interval of times. This time too, the company...

Aug 1 ·>

Google Maps gives massive update to its users

Tech company Google has updated its Google Maps platform. Now with the new update, Google Maps will tell the...

Jul 17 ·>
Google Maps

Google Maps called in to resolve Afghan-Pakistan border dispute

Whenever tension escalates between Kabul and Islamabad the issue of Durand Line surfaces, so this time Pakistan and Afghanistan...

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May 10 ·>

Google Maps now stores your parking location

We all forget where we parked our cars especially when it comes large parking locations. Before you go spending...

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Apr 26 ·>
Google Maps

Google Maps now lets you share real-time location with friends

You can now share your trips and real-time location with your family and friends directly from the Google Maps...

Mar 24 ·>

This new Google Maps update takes trouble out of making social plans

Google has added a new feature to Google Maps that lets users get more interactive with places. The new...

Feb 13 ·>

Google Maps app redesign lets you access all commuting info at one place

Google Maps app for Android now provides three tabs at the bottom of the home screen to make everyday...

Feb 7 ·>

Pakistan’s first navigation app sets out to challenge Google Maps

TPL Trakker, a tracking solutions company, has launched a digital mapping solution TPL Maps which they boast to be...

Aug 16 ·>

Verne: The Himalayas, an app featuring Pakistan, not available in Pakistan!

Google has developed a magnificent app that features a 500 foot Yeti named Verne exploring the beautiful Himalayas. The...

Aug 6 ·>

Google Maps updated with cleaner design and areas of interest

Google Maps, easily the best mapping service available, just got even better. Google has dispatched an update to Google...

Jul 26 ·>

Google Maps just got an update, the Earth hasn’t looked better!

Google Maps and Google Earth just got a makeover with super sharp imagery. The applications have been updated using...

Jun 28 ·>

Google launches Turn-by-Turn navigation for Pakistan

Google has finally enabled turn-by-turn navigation for all users across Pakistan and anyone with the latest Google Maps update...

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Mar 13 ·>
Google Maps