Chinese based hackers hack more than 60,000 Microsoft Exchange Servers

In recent news, a Chinese-based hacker group known as Hafnium doubled its hack count of Microsoft’s Exchange Servers up...

Mar 9 ·>

Ransomware hack delays Cyberpunk patch 1.2 update

CD Projekt SA’s developer team of Cyberpunk 2077 had recently been locked out of their own workstations for the...

Feb 25 ·>

Sleeper malware found in nearly 30,000+ Macs

According to a report by Ars Technica, a new yet mysterious piece of malware called ‘Silver Sparrow’ has been...

Feb 22 ·>

Indian hackers have taken down University of Swabi’s official website

Indian hackers going by the name of “ICREW Hackers”, led by “H45H_C47”, have hacked the website of the University...

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Jan 22 ·>

Russian hackers attack 18,000 organizations worldwide

A Russian hacker group – Cozy bears have made a name for themselves around the globe as they have...

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Dec 15 ·>

Renowned home appliance company suffers from online fraud worth millions of rupees

A well-known home appliance company in Pakistan has just been swindled to the tune of millions of rupees by...

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Nov 24 ·>

US govt website attacked by a group of Iranian hackers

In a move that can only be considered as a continuation of the on-going tension between the USA and...

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Jan 6 ·>

WhatsApp hit by a security vulnerability that is triggered by an MP4 file

If you’ve recently received an odd-looking MP4 file on WhatsApp, you better be wary of it. A brand new...

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Nov 18 ·>

Report claims Chinese hackers have been stealing call records worldwide

As far as large-scale acts of cybercrime are concerned, they are not only difficult to trace, but it is...

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Jun 26 ·>

Hackers managed to keep their complex spyware hidden for five years

Spyware is inherently intriguing primarily because of the complexity that allows it to carry out its malicious plans, and...

Apr 10 ·>

5 suspicious signs that show your phone may have been hacked

Hackers are really really smart people. When they break into your system, they won’t leave a trace until they...

May 5 ·>

A crypto YouTuber lost $2 million in a hack during his livestream

A cryptocurrency YouTuber, Ian Balina known for his (sponsored) ICO reviews, was apparently hacked out of $2 million during...

Apr 20 ·>

Warning: 3 types of information you must never share on social media

Just two days back, my friend landed herself in serious trouble after she checked in on Facebook. This led...

Apr 12 ·>