PTI official website hacked

In an interesting turn of events, PTI’s official website has been hacked by hackers who call themselves “Voice of...

Aug 2 ·>
Imran Khan

Hackers take over hundreds of emergency sirens, wake up the entire city

A recent hacking attack took over the entire emergency siren system of Dallas city in the US. After taking...

Pakistani hackers take down 50 Indian IT firms

At least 50 IT firms based in Hyderabad, India have come under attack by Pakistani hackers in the last...

Oct 17 ·>

Indian management institute’s website hacked by Pakistani hackers

The website of an Indian management institute appears to have been compromised by a group of hackers from Pakistan....

Jul 9 ·>
India Pakistan

HBL blocks thousands of Debit Cards in response to 2nd hackers attack

The largest bank in Pakistan is currently under some severe cyber attacks and thousands of customers have had their...

Mar 7 ·>

Hackers take down hospital website, demand $3.6 Million in ransom

A hospital in Los Angeles, United States, has declared a state of internal emergency after getting attacked by cyber...

Feb 16 ·>