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Hackers are Now Using ChatGPT to Create Malwares

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  55 sec read >
ChatGPT hacking
A recent report by Checkpoint Research suggests that the AI chatbot has become quite popular amongst cyber criminals

While ChatGPT is actively being used by students and working professionals, the AI chatbot has reportedly made its way into the hands of cyber criminals and is actively being used by hackers to create malwares.

According to a recent report by Checkpoint Research, ChatGPT is becoming increasingly popular among cybercriminals who are now using it for various reasons.

While ChatGPT creators Open AI has created several rules defining things users can or cannot do with their tools. However, various posts on the darkweb say that the tool can still be used to create malwares.

Users on the platform revealed different ways they can get ChatGPT to create malwares for them. “The key to getting it to create what you want is by specifying what the program should do and what steps should be taken, consider it like writing pseudocode for your computer science class,” said a user.

Using this method, the hacker can create a “Python file stealer that searches for common file types ”that can automatically self-delete after files have been uploaded or an error is encountered while the program is running. The method is designed to remove any evidence of hacking” he added.

Leading cyber security experts are concerned about the different harmful ways ChatGPT can be used by cybercriminals. What do you think about the matter? Tell us in the comments below!


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