Apple to open flagship stores in India

Apple had been planning to launch physical stores in India. However, the company was holding it off on the...

Jun 20 ·>
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India is developing a supercomputer that will predict Monsoon rainfall

Monsoon rainfall is a big issue in India. The amount of rainfall directly affects the agriculture industry for the...

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Jun 17 ·>

Indian authorities deny Google’s request for image collection

Google had requested permission from Indian authorities to collect images in India for providing locals with its Street View...

Jun 10 ·>

India beats US to become the second-biggest internet-using population

India has now become the second-biggest internet-using population around the globe after it beat out the United States this...

Jun 4 ·>

India to gets its very own Apple app development accelerator

Apple has announced that it will be opening a dedicated App Design and Development Accelerator in India to cater...

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May 18 ·>

India rejects Apple’s request to sell used and refurbished iPhones

India has declined Apple’s request to sell refurbished iPhones in the country. Being one of the world’s largest population...

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May 4 ·>

India sets up satellite-monitored ‘laser walls’ along Pak-India border

Around a dozen satellite-monitored ‘laser walls’ have been made operational along the Pak-India border. Similar walls be set up...

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Apr 28 ·>
Pak India Border

All phones to have a physical panic button to prevent violence against women, says India

The Indian Government has just approved a policy enforcing all new smartphones to have a designated physical panic button...

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Apr 27 ·>
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Google continues to expand its free Wifi services in India, 10 more railway stations covered

Google has announced to unveil free high-speed Wi-Fi services for 9 more train stations in India, making it a...

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Apr 18 ·>
Google Wifi

WorldCup T20 Cricket – Pakistan Vs India – How Data Science Can Help?

Have you ever heard of Money Ball? Or Nate Silver who runs FiveThirtyEight? I was wondering if I can...

Mar 19 ·>

Google removes the app which was reportedly used by Pakistan to snoop Indian Army

A controversial app posing as a simple messenger in the Android Play Store has been removed by Google for...

Mar 17 ·>

Pakistan leads India and Bangladesh in Mobile Money Users

World Bank has revealed that Pakistan had the highest percentage of mobile money users in 2014, edging out other...

Feb 11 ·>
Mobile Money Users

India blocks Facebook Free Basics, takes side of net neutrality

Facebook Free Basics, limited basic services for zero charges, has been blocked in India in favor of net neutrality....

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Feb 8 ·>